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Barnabas Reti is an international actor from Hungarian ascendancy with a high profile in his home country with numerous leading roles on stage and television.


Trained in the United States and London, he has appeared in major international film and TV productions


He is founder and creative associate of the independent theatre group and production company Budapest Playhouse, and directed and produced several shows on stage. He played the lead in the original Hungarian cast of the acclaimed Budapest stage production of Stephen King's 'Misery' in Karinthy Theatre, and played leading roles on stages such as Tennessee Williams' 'The Glass Menagerie' and Albert Camus' 'Caligula


Barnabas also worked as a drama teacher and acting coach in Budapest, translated plays and adapted scripts for stage, and sung professionally in concerts and events. He is a writer and occasionally works as casting associate too.

With his production house BUDAPEST PLAYHOUSE he's associate director and creative producer on the Hungarian National Holiday 20 August fireworks show since 2021. 


He lives and trains in London and Budapest, and works across Europe.

BarnabasReti01 by Csanad Kormos.jpg

Height: 5"10 - 178 cm

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Location: London, UK - Budapest, Hungary

2010 - present
2010 - present

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​


MRS HARRIS GOES TO PARIS - Young Admirer - dir. Anthony Fabian, Elysian Films/Superbe Films

THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME - Male Acrobat - dir. Susanna Fogel, Lionsgate Films

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - ROGUE NATION - Janik's Sentry - dir. Christopher McQuarrie, Paramount Pictures
WORLD WAR Z - Specnaz - dir. Marc Forster, Paramount Pictures

BEING JULIA- Lord Charles' boyfirend - dir. István Szabó (Academy Award-winner), Sony Pictures/Serendipity Films
LA RAFLE (The Round-Up) - Monsieur Goldstein - dir. Roselyne Bosch, Gaumont/ Légende Films

MONTE CARLO - Jet Pilot - dir. Thomas Bezucha, 20th Century Fox

TULSE LUPER SUITCASES 3 - Red Fox - dir. Peter Greenaway, ABC Films

IN ANOTHER LIFE - Hungarian Police - dir. Jason Wingard, Wingarm (Best Feature, Raindance London 2017)

THREE DOTS AND A DASH - Vogler Kassir - dir. Kiran Valipa, Wordsmith Entertainment/Patron Productions

GANDEEVADHARI ARJUNA - London Policeman - dir. Praveen Sattaru, Netflix



DEADLINE - Viktor - Clapperboard/Channel 5 - dir. Joe Ahearne

FBI INTERNATIONAL - Officer Baldan - CBS - dir. Jen McGowan

JACK RYAN season3 - Amazon - dir. Jenn Turner

HALO season 1-2 - Showtime - dir. Jonathan Liebesman, Deborah Paterson

SPY/MASTER - HBO Europe - dir. Christopher Smith

THE TEACHER - Channel 5 - dir. Dominic Leclerc

DISKO BOCHUM - Mike Ross - UFA Fiction - dir. Florian Knittel

TREADSTONE - Don Ellender - NBC - dir. Wayne Yip

SRIKE BACK: RETRIBUTION - Raymond - Cinemax/Sky - dir. MJ Bassett

EASY LIVING  (ARANYÉLET) - Policeman - HBO Hungary - dir. Áron Mátyássy

EMERALD CITY - Seth - NBC Universal - dir. Tarsem Singh

GUILT - Palace Guard  - Lionsgate Films - ABC - dir. Gary Fleder

KILLERS: BEHIND THE MYTH  - pilot: THE NOVEL KILLER - Krystian Bala (lead) - Sky - CI Network - dir. Russell Eatough
PILLARS OF THE EARTH - Brother Paul  - Starz - Tandem - dir. Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
BARÁTOK KÖZT (BETWEEN FRIENDS) - Erik (lead - series regular) - RTL - Grundy UFA - dir. various

JÓBAN ROSSZBAN (FOR BETTER OR WORSE) - Majer (guest star) - TV2/IKO - dir. various
PAINKILLER JANE - Commando Agent  - Sci-Fi Channell - dir. Matt Hastings

200 FIRST DATES - Luca's Date - Sony/Viasat/ContentLab - dir. Csaba Fazekas

HALÁLÜGYÉSZ (TV movie) - Lajos Gulyas - Duna TV - dir. Tamás Novák

BÖDÖRÉK - Tamas Keller - TV2 Hungary/IKO - dir. Mark Radnai


FAT PIG - Carter - dir. Arpad Ivanyi, Budapest Playhouse/Karinthy Theatre

A SPECIAL DAY - Gabriele - dir. Arpad Ivanyi, Hatszin Teatrum, Budapest

CALIGULA - Caligula - dir. Arpad Ivanyi, RS9 Theatre, Budapest
Stephen King's MISERY - Paul Sheldon - dir. Arpad Ivanyi, Karinthy Theatre,Budapest
THE GLASS MENAGERIE - Tom - dir. B. Reti, tour (Hungary - Romania) - inc. A10 Theatre Budapest, Radu Stanca National Theatre, Sibiu
DEAD CERTAIN - Michael - dir. B. Reti, RS9 Theatre, Budapest

Ingmar Bergman's BRINK OF LIFE - Anders - dir. Arpad Ivanyi, RS9 Theatre, Budapest

STOP KISS (SQUARE) - Peter - dir. Carna Krsul, Asterion Project Theare, Spektakel Vienna

JÁTÉK A KASTÉLYBAN - Ádám - dir. Ernő Tapasztó, Pinceszínház Szeged

SZERETLEK, FAUST - Jávor - dir. Bálint Varga, Pinceszínház Szeged

PRIMA DONNA musical - Sisi - dir. Gabor Czeizel, Karinthy Th., Budapest
OH OH JULIET! - Shakespeare - dir. Gabor Czeizel, Spinoza Th, Budapest

A HELYSÉG KALAPÁCSA - Petőfi - dir. Gabor Czeizel, Gozon Gyula Th, BP

MOSOLY ORFEUM cabaret - lead singer, Budapest

THE COUNT OF LUXEMBURG - operetta - Lord Winchester - dir. Peter Horvath, Szeged National Theatre, Hungary

TALES FROM THE ATTIC - musical - Ghost - dir. Iren Sivok, Kolibri Theatre, Budapest

THE GLASS SLIPPER - Pal Csaszar - Shakespeare Academy, dir. Levente Malnay

CHICAGO musical - Fred Casely - Shakespeare Academy, dir. Viktor Nagy

AMERICAN FIGHT - Badacsonyi - Shakespeare Academy, dir. Levente Malnay


Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Supporting Actor

Training &

TIAS (The International Acting Studio) - Chubbuck Technique - Adam Davenport

AMAW London (Anthony Meindl's Acting Workshop) - Anthony Meindl, Mitchell Mullen

Shakespeare Academy of Dramatic Arts, Budapest - 3 years classic stage training and dramatic arts studies, BA in Drama 

New York Film Academy, NY, USA - Acting for Film course - leaders Bob Goodman, David Vando, Paul Warner

Anthony Meindl - Acting Intensive and cold reading

The Actors Centre, London - Film and TV acting - Michael Ferguson, Robert Bierman, Terry Iland

Daniel Dresner, London - Screen acting and Stanislavski - 1 year training

Anne Walsch, London - Voice and RP accent training

Anne Witman, London - General American

Nancy Bishop CSA, London - Cold Reading and Audition Technique

DAW Workshops London - scene study

Teréz Kariko, Szeged National Theatre - Classical singing and voice

Aniko Peter, Budapest - Singing and musical theatre

NFI - National Film Institute, Fast Forward Programme - Acting for screen - Leon Lucev, Yareli Arizmendi

Eva Magyar - Acting and Physical

Special Skills

 Fluent English (General American, Standard British, Russian, Hungarian, Eastern-European, Italian accents), Hungarian (native), Singing (professional - baritone/tenore), Directing (stage), Drawing and painting, Boxing, Stage Fight, Cycling, Copywriter, Translator

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